In 1804, a company by the name of Blackstone Manufacturing Company (BMC) purchased 254 acres of land in what was called the South Parish of Mendon. This land would eventually be incorporated as part of the Town of Blackstone. During the 1800′s the company opened for business using the Stone House as its textile mill.
In the late 1950′s Earl Tupper purchased all of the land. He used the facility for his newly invented Tupperware products which were stored in the Stone House.
Earl Tupper built a recreation park on 12 of the acres of land to be enjoyed by his employees and their families. In the late 1980′s, Tupper sold the park to Blackstone Smithfield Corporation and it would remain virtually abandoned from 1988 until 1995.
In 1995, the Blackstone Valley Boys & Girls Club (BVBGC) leased the park from its current owners. With the help of local dedicated volunteers and a very limited budget, the BVBGC revived Tupper Park for a summer program for 400 local youths. In 1996, David King, from the Champlin Foundation, visited the park and provided the funds to purchase it to create a year round home for the Boy & Girls Club.
Today we have over 1500 members who enjoy year round activities. Our programs for children truly become “The Positive Place for Kids.”

2013 marks the Club’s 20th anniversary

“Consistent success will always be more rewarding than occasional greatness”.

The Blackstone Valley Boys & Girls Club has embraced this directive for the past 20 years to make every day at the Club, a consistent and successful positive place for kids.

To our Club Family of staff, parents, children and supporters, your support, dedication  and contribution has prepared the foundation that has allowed the Club to experience so many successes in its first 20 years.